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A Special Cornish Christmas- A Light Seasonal Romantic Tale!

Phillipa Ashleys newest book in the Falford Series is a light seasonal romantic tale. Bo is eagerly awaiting a cozy Christmas tucked up with the love of her life, but he suddenly abandons her leaving her heartbroken. At a local summer festival, Bo and her friend Angel visit a mysterious fortune teller who tells them both that they will be with the love of their lives by Christmas. All of this is news to Angel as she has been married for several years. We witness the events that transpire in this little community to bring about a happy ending for our protagonists.

Initially, I found the book a little slow-moving and found it hard to really engage with the characters. I have enjoyed Phillipa Ashley's previous stories and characters, but I struggled with this one.

3 stars out of 5

Available on Amazon

Release date October 11, 2022 ( next year)

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