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Beach Reads and an Indigenous Education

Hey Readers,

I just got back from a camping trip where I enjoyed my time reading on the beach. Here are some good beach reads that I recommend. I also decided that I wanted to read some books to educate myself on the Indigenous experience and history in Canada. Below is a review of one of the books that I have read so far.

The Happy Ever After Playlist

By Abby Jimenez

This book has been on my TBR list for a while. I first picked it up after it was listed as one of the best Goodreads romance books of 2020. And now I know why!

Sloan Malone is having a bad day. But to make matters worse, she almost hits a dog, who then proceeds to jump in her car. She tries to connect with the owner. After a few failed attempts he connects with Sloan and tells her he is on a music tour in Australia and will be home in a few weeks. Sloan agrees to look after his dog until he gets home. They communicate via text and phone for the next few weeks and agree to meet in person when he returns. What ensues is a light romantic comedy that will keep you turning pages until the end.

4 stars out of 5

Available everywhere

Lifes Too Short

By Abby Jimenez

After reading the previous book, I decided to read her next book. This just came out this year. I found it hard to get into at the beginning, but it took off again for me as her last book. Again a great light romantic beach read. I didn't realize that this was part 3 of a series. similar characters appear in all books and how can you go wrong when there are adorable dogs in every book!

Vanessa Price is a social influencer. She is living life to the fullest because, to be frank, her life is probably going to be cut short. She is busy caring for her infant niece, when one night her gorgeous next-door lawyer neighbour, Adrian Copeland comes to her rescue. They soon become quite friendly and spend time having outlandish adventures with her niece and Adrian's ancient chihuahua in tow. The two begin to develop feelings for one another and have to figure out how to navigate this developing complicated relationship.

3 and a half stars out of 5

Available everywhere

The Promise of Summer

Bella Osborne

I was approached by a publisher to see if I would consider reading this book and review It based on some other books I had reviewed. I decided to give this a shot and I was very pleasantly surprised. I quite enjoyed this. The main characters in this book reminded me of Professor Don Tillman and Rosie in the book, The Rosie Project.

Ruby is an outgoing and very animated young woman. She has finally decided that after dating many less than likely prospects, that romance and love are probably not in the cards for her. She sets off on a trip to London. On the train ride there, she meets up with a young man who is on his way to propose to his girlfriend. When the young man leaves the ring behind on the train, Ruby and another traveller, Curtis, embark on a journey to return the ring to the young man. Curtis is very staid and almost robotic in nature and he and Ruby seem like a very unlikely pair. But their friendship begins to bloom. What will become of their friendship and will the ring be returned?

The book is titled a " heartwarming and uplifting romance for Summer 2021" Isn't that what we need at the end of this long pandemic lockdown? I say at the price of $1.99 it is worth every penny! I plan on investigating some of this writer's other books!

4 stars out of 5

Available now on Amazon Kindle for $1.99

A Mind Spread Out on the Ground

By Alicia Elliott

Alicia Elliott is a bright and astute young woman who has written a book that takes an in-depth look at colonialism in Canada. She shares heart-breaking stories about her life growing up with her Catholic white mother who suffers from bipolar disorder and her Tuscarora father. Her anecdotes about poverty, race and acceptance are heartwrenching. She demonstrates to the reader how the residential school system has so altered the DNA of the indigenous people and led to the current issues that we see today. This was a very "weighty" read and at times mentally hard to get through, but brilliantly written.

4 stars out of 5

Available everywhere

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