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Captivating and Horrifying Historical Fiction- Yellow Wife

Yellow Wife

By: Sadeqa Johnson

Pheby Delores Brown was born and raised on a plantation in Virginia. She is the product of her mother's affair with the plantations master and also protected due to her mother's position as a medicine woman. She is beloved by the master’s sister and raised to believe that at 18 she would be granted her freedom. She is educated and taught to play piano. But when tragedy strikes she learns that she was never truly going to be free.

What follows is a harrowing tale of struggle, fear, tragedy and loss as Pheby is sent to the infamous jail for slaves known as “The Devil’s Half-Acre”. The author has crafted a story that is captivating and horrifying at the same time, yet it provides a realistic view of what life was like for slaves in the southern states. It also provides readers with a new historical perspective of the horrors that people of colour were subjected to beyond the traditional setting of the plantation. Pheby is a heroine that you cheer for and also fear for the choices and sacrifices she makes.

For readers who were fans of "The Kitchen House" by Kathleen Grissom, you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

Release date- January 12, 2021. Pre Order available now.

Thanks to Simon & Shuster Canada and NetGalley for this ebook in exchange for this honest review.

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