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Jackie and Maria- A Story You Might Not know

Jackie and Maria

By: Gill Paul

This book covers the overlapping lives of Jackie Kennedy and Maria Callas and their love for Aristotle Onassis. Marie Callas, Opera star extraordinaire, famous for her fine soprano voice. She meets and falls in love with Aristotle Onassis and begins an affair with him. Aristotle is a high powered shipping magnate who admittedly loves the chase and soon finds himself in a quest for that most famous American female icon, Jackie Kennedy.

This story is a fictional account of these fascinating historic individuals and the tragedy that was their sad lives. You gain an insight into their glamourous world and the high society people that they surround themselves with. I have been a fan of Gill Paul's other novels (Check them out!) I love the way she takes historically fascinating people and recounts their story into what is a very interesting tale. If you enjoy historical fiction this is a very light and interesting read.

Available everywhere now.

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