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Light and Easy Reads

I am catching up today. I have two books that I have recently read that I will review. They are both from the "Chick Lit" genre. I tend to move back and forth between Historical Fiction and Chick Lit. After I read a heavier, more emotional book, I need something lighter and easier on the psyche. I am a huge fan of the British TV Show, Doc Martin. I love reading books that take place on the Cornish Coast, which is why I was drawn to read The Cornish Midwife.

The Switch

By: Beth O'Leary

Leena is an ambitious young woman, who is living in London. She has experienced a difficult life trauma. Her workplace demands that she take a leave. She decides to return home to her Yorkshire Village. Her Grandmother has just become single and feels that she would like to experience a more exciting life. Living in the quiet Yorkshire Village is not so thrilling. So they decide to swap places. Granny moves to London and signs up for internet dating. Leena becomes involved with the various characters in the small town and also encounters an old flame. What follows is a funny, light and a delightful story about their adventures.

Three and a half stars

Available now

The Cornish Midwife

By: Jo Bartlett

Ella is a young woman living in London. She is to be married but is jilted in a very public spectacle. She decides to move home to St. Agnes on the Cornish Coast for some peace and quiet and to try and recover from her humiliation. She begins work at the local midwife hospital and soon discovers that her high school sweetheart is still living in town. Will being back home be enough to heal what is missing in her life? While I found that this book started slow, it picked up towards the end. A light enjoyable read.

Three stars

Release Date: April 15, 2021

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