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Powerful Family Saga of the Dust Bowl

The Four Winds

By: Kristin Hannah

When all is gone, love remains. This is the message of the book, The Four Winds. In the face of strife, when you lose everything, the power of love survives. This book takes place during the Great Depression and in the Dust Bowl of Texas. Elsa and her family struggle to survive when their crops repeatedly fail. She makes the heartbreaking decision to leave for greener pastures in California, where she is certain that things will get better for her family. It is this dream of a better life that drives her to make this very difficult choice. What she finds are deplorable living conditions and discrimination. But, she also discovers her strength.

Once again, Kristin Hannah writes a historical novel based in turbulent times that shows the human ability to overcome struggles and their belief in better days. Hannah creates these strong resilient female characters that overcome their dire circumstances and this novel is no different. The character of Elsa is one that we are immediately drawn to. In the beginning she appears to be a very sad, lonely and weak woman and by the end, she discovers that she is lovable, strong and has a voice. By the end we are cheering for her. There are lessons to be learned from those who went before us and this novel is a testament to that message. I found the messaging in this book to be very relatable in today’s Global pandemic.

5 out of 5 stars

Available everywhere now.

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