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Shilling Grange Children's Home Series- Book #4 is Here, and it's Wonderful!

An Orphans Hope ( Shilling Grange Children's Home Book 4)

By: Lizzie Page

In An Orphans Hope, we once again revisit all the wonderful characters that live in the Shilling Grange Orphanage. In this book, we find Clara dealing with several dilemmas. Her sweetheart Ivor has asked her to marry him, but will Clara ever be able to leave " her children" for married life? Clara also comes across several very disturbing attacks on herself and the orphanage. Who could want to hurt any of them? And Clara's long-lost father appears at her door and wants to make amends. How will Clara be able to manage all of these challenging situations?

I love how Lizzie Page has developed these characters over time. They have become so realistic, and their stories are, at times, heartbreaking. But there is such hope through Clara Championing these children and their life at Shilling Grange. Reading the books in this series is like wrapping yourself in a warm, comforting blanket. I never want this series to end. I also love that each book is centred around a real-life historical event. I am constantly looking things up on the internet and learning something new after reading her books. Well done Lizzie!

Please check out all of Lizzie Page's books. I have read several of them and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. I love her writing style, and her stories are always engaging.

Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.

5 stars out of 5


March 3, 2023

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