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The Chelsea Girls-Historical Fiction of the McCarthy Era

The Chelsea Girls

By: Fiona Davis

I am a big fan of the Historical Fiction Genre as I always find myself googling different facts and images of the different people and situations that occur in the books. Fiona Davis has created a story that highlights the struggles and fears that many in the entertainment field struggled with during this time.

The story centres on the lives of two women, one a young playwright, the other an aspiring actress who became friends during the end days of WW II in the USO. As they struggle to make a name for themselves and launch their careers, they are soon embroiled in the McCarthy scandal and the witch hunts that haunted so many young artists. Bonds will be broken and lives and friendships are tested. The author pulls you in with a great plot twist in the second half.

3.5 stars

Available now in hardcover.

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