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The Little Cornish House is a Warm Delight!

The Little Cornish Housse

By: Donna Ashcroft

I have a guilty pleasure, which is all things "Cornish." So I was happy to receive a copy of this book to review. It was a lovely, warm, feel-good romance.

Ruby returns to Indigo Cove to spend some time with her grandmother. Her grandmother runs a little pottery studio, and it is here that Ruby encounters the very attractive Gabe Roskilly, who is the owner of a local brewery.

Gabe's business is struggling, and he soon becomes the brunt of some ongoing and dangerous vandalism. A group of local characters set out to determine who is responsible for this intrusion. Ruby and Gabe are thrown together and soon become romantically entangled. But will the truth about the vandalism bring them together or break them apart?

This was a delightful story. It was well written and the characters were truly remarkable. A great summer beach read!

4 stars out of 5

Available May 6, 2022

Pre Order now on Kindle for $4.99

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