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The Maid Will Stay With You Long After You Finish

The Maid

By: Nita Prose

What a book and what a story! Toronto writer Nita Prose has created completely captivating characters.

Molly the Maid struggles with social skills. She recognizes that she has this difficulty, but Molly has her Gran to guide her along. Molly was doing just fine until Gran passed away. Now on her own, she misreads different situations.

Molly loves her job at the hotel, and she loves the people she works with. Well, almost all of them. One day, Molily goes to work and discovers one of their biggest customers, dead. Molly's life is thrown for a loop as she struggles to determine what happened.

The Maid is one of those books that you will read quickly and then mourn the loss of the characters you had come to know and love.

I hope that author Nita Prose will write another Molly book with all of the beautiful characters we encountered in this story.

5 out of 5 stars

Available everywhere

$13.99 on Kindle.

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