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The Push- A Traumatic , Psychological Journey Into Motherhood

The Push

By:-Ashely Audrain

The Push is the debut novel for author Ashley Audrain. In this novel, she delves into the psyche of mothers and what causes the bonding between mother and child. While this work can be categorized as a psychological thriller, as there are the elements of mystery, drama, fear and paranoia, there is also a message here about parenting and the secret fears, hopes and dreams that we hold for our children.

The main character, Blythe is to become a mother and she is at once afraid due to her own experiences growing up unwanted with an uncaring mother. She resolves to overcome her past and become a warm and loving mother. She soon becomes aware that her child is not like other children. Is it all in her own head? Her doting husband tells her she is imaging things. Their child is just fine. Or is she? The author spins a tale that we feel we know how this is all going to end, but she gives us a surprise ending anyway.

I give this book 4 stars out of 5. There were times I found it disturbing, but I could not put it down.

Available now everywhere.

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