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Welcome to Seabreeze Farm is a Cheery Spring-Time Read!

Welcome to Seabreeze Farm

By: Jo Bartlett

With Spring weather soon approaching, it was wonderful to kick back with this fabulous literary frolic at Seabreeze Farm!

Ellie Chapman is having a bad day. She is fired from her job, and her fiance doesn't seem to have her back. When she returns home, she and her mom discover that they are the benefactors of her Aunt's little farm.

Unsure about her future with her fiance, Ellie and her mom, Karen move into the old, rundown farm where there is an ageing sick donkey and a curmudgeonly neighbour. They decide to make a go of the place and embark on a plan to turn it into a wedding venue. Along the way, Ellie becomes involved with the local Vet, Ben. She decides she needs to end her engagement, but her fiance seems to have other plans. Will Ellie and Karen be able to fulfill their dreams?

This is a fun springtime read!

4 stars out of 5

A great buy on Amazon Kindle at $2.63

Available on April 12, 2022

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