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Where Coyotes Howl- A Tale of the Prairies

Where Coyotes Howl

By: Sandra Dallas

I decided to check out this book as I would be driving through Wyoming on a family vacation. I found myself hooked and thoroughly enjoyed the book. It reminded me of a grown-up version of Little House on the Prairie.

Ellen is a young woman who moves to the town of Wallace, Wyoming, for a teaching position. She encounters hardships and challenges living on the prairie, but she also discovers and appreciates the peace and beauty of her surroundings. She meets and falls in love with a cowboy named Charlie Bacon. This book tells the story of these two ordinary people trying to survive and make a living under harsh conditions.

I loved Sandra Dallas's descriptions of the prairie and the many characters she created in this novel. I found myself thinking about the story and the people in the book when I wasn't reading. I will probably try and check out another of her books, as I immensely enjoyed this one. If you were a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books when you were growing up, you might enjoy this one.

3.5 stars out of 5

Not available until April 18, 2023

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