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``You will have six weeks to live``.

The Invisible Woman

By Erika Robuck

To Be Released on February 9, 2021

``You will only have six weeks to live.`` These are the last words that her superior officer gives Virginia Hall, (Code name Diane, AKA Artemis to the Germans) as she embarks on a mission to relay messages from occupied France during WWII. D Day is coming, and she is to help set up the resistance fighters by transmitting messages and receiving supply drops. The Germans are on the alert, and are searching everywhere for the spy they call Artemis. Can she avoid capture and survive beyond the six weeks?

This is a historical fiction account of real life heroine Virginia Hall. The author has created a compelling and thrilling account of the many missions and accomplishments of this very brave woman. The author weaves historical fact with fiction to create a story that is inspirational during a very bleak time.

When I first began reading this story I didn’t realize that the main character was a real person. I found myself on the internet searching more details about this amazing woman. If you enjoyed “The Lilac Girls” by Martha Hall Kelly and ``The Alice Network`` by Kate Quinn, you will enjoy this book.

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